Farms of the Future

Today Ric and Michelle visited the team from UNE at the royal easter show in the ‘Farm of the Future’ pavilion. UNE are showcasing their incredible work on the SMART Farm and on projects that demonstrate the power of putting technology to work on farms.

Australia is on course to grow the AgriBusiness industry to it’s $100 billion goal by 2030, but this goal won’t be reached without the hard work of teams such as UNE. We at Dosec are proud to work with UNE in developing specialised telemetry and scientific solutions that harness innovation to boost farm productivity. Over the years, Dosec has delivered solutions to UNE such as the EnviroNode platform, which is used on the SMART Farm to collect and send environmental and beehive productivity data to the cloud.

Well done to the team at UNE on delivering a great  display of innovation and new technology that will help shape our country’s rapidly changing agricultural future.

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