Emergency TelephoneThe METS 2000 Motorist Emergency Telephone System is a 100% Australian designed and manufactured product which provides motorists with immediate assistance on busy highways and in tunnels.

METS 2000 is the culmination of over twenty years of research, product development and experience gained from projects in Australia and throughout Asia.

The latest cutting-edge METS 2000 design uses a 32-bit ARM Cortex-M3 embedded processor to deliver a powerful suite of features. The system is capable of digital voice logging, digital voice messaging, digital audio announcements as well as recording and playback of up to 8 simultaneous digital audio files from SD card.

METS 2000 Features:

  • Robust ARM Cortex-M3 embedded controllers.
  • System linkage to third party traffic control and camera systems (CCTV).
  • Real-time digital audio recording and playback from SD card.
  • I²S external audio module for digital audio routing and analogue signal processing.
  • Colour, touchscreen LCD display.
  • Hot swapping system design eliminating system downtime.
  • Digital audio routing incorporating latest ARM technology.
  • Data logging direct to SD card – excellent for management use.

Emergency Telephone

Adaptable and Intelligent System

Inherent versatility allows systems to be cabled via optical fibre, dedicated copper cable, GSM, wireless or leased line. The central exchange equipment and the response centres can be centralised or distributed to allow operation of the system from multiple sites.

The system is automatically self-tested on a regular basis to ensure reliability. The system maintains logs of call activity, testing and faults which are displayed on the operator interface. METS 2000 can be linked to other systems such as traffic control and video surveillance systems. All METS 2000 system activity can be reported as they occur to these systems.

The rugged phone enclosures are weatherproof and vandal resistant, while the pillars were awarded the Australian Design Mark.

The METS 2000 Emergency Telephone System Architecture consists of:

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