Dosec’s Unicare system is a complete solution for installing a Nurse Call System in a modern hospital.

The system’s interfaces include the patient talk station, patient pull cord, nurse call station, indicator lights, attendance switches, corridor displays and central nurse display console which runs on a PC.

The system utilises the MCC CPU, and the Unicard which is backed by more than 20 years of design and development.

More information can be found here.

Nursecall Options

Pocket Paging

  • High level interface to Dosec AstraPage in-house paging System.
  • Patient calls will automatically page nurses with alpha-numeric messages.
  • Nurses can be paged from Nurse Station.
    Allows grouping of pagers for emergency calls.

Intercom System

  • Direct audio interface to Intercom Systems.
  • Allows calls to or from the Intercom Systems.


  • Allows audio communications between Nurse Stations.
  • Allows incoming calls to be directed to other Nurse Stations.

Build Management Systems

  • Allows System fault information to be passed to BMS.

History Recording

  • Central monitoring computer.
  • System calls to be logged by date and time.
  • Allows historical data reports to be prepared.

Auto Voice Announcements

  • Pre-record up to 3 minutes of announcements in any language.
  • Program auto announcement times.