Ric Photo Ric Otton, Managing Director

Qualification: B.E. Hons., (Electrical), Sydney University.
Professional Membership Member of the Institution of Engineers, Australia, (Chartered Professional Engineer). College of Information Technology and Electronics Engineers. Membership No: 286993.
Experience: 30+ years of professional engineering design and project and business management.
As the managing director and head design engineer, Ric divides his time between managing projects and the business, consulting, developing concepts, writing proposals, liaising with clients as well as designing. Ric’s experience extends across a broad range of industries and applications. He has extensive design experience in analogue and digital hardware, radio frequency (RF) and wired communications, fibre optics, audio, instrumentation, power management and high density, multilayer, PCB layout. Ric’s design capabilities also include electrical and 2D and 3D CAD mechanical design.

Samir Photo Samir Aganovic, Senior Design Engineer

Qualification: B.E. (Electrical), University of Wollongong.
Professional Membership Member of the Institution of Engineers, Australia. College of Information Technology and Electronics Engineers. Membership No: 2531307.
Experience: 10+ years of professional engineering design.
Samir spends his time designing hardware, software and firmware as well as writing proposals and liaising with clients. Samir’s electronic design experience is in digital hardware design, communications, data logging as well as high density multilayer PCB layout. Samir’s firmware experience is with Texas Instruments MSP430, TMS320 and Stellaris processors as well as Cypress PSoC processors. Samir’s software experience is with C, C++, .NET (C# and VB) and PHP, developing cross platform desktop software and mobile user interfaces.

Joseph Photo Joseph Radford, Design Engineer

Qualification: B.E. Hons (Elec), M.Biomed.E, University of New South Wales.
Professional Membership Member of the Institution of Engineers, Australia,  College of Biomedical and College of Electrical. Membership No: 3550930.
Experience: 3 years of professional engineering design.
Joseph’s key responsibilities at Dosec are software and firmware design and testing. He is also involved with ongoing maintenance of software, especially Dosec’s cloud services. Experienced in C, C++, .NET, PHP, SQL and Qt, Joseph has developed cross platform user interfaces, Windows services, and firmware for Cypress PSoC microprocessors. He has had work published by IEEE and the Australian Health and Medical Research Congress.

mich profile picEDITMichelle Quaglia, Business Development & Engineering Manager

Qualification: B.E.(Hons), Dip Eng Prac, University of Technology Sydney
Professional Membership Member of Institution of Engineers, Australia, Electrical College. Member of the Association of Professional Engineers, Australia.
Experience: Business to business and customer engagement. Project management, procurement, manufacturing management and new business development.
Michelle’s key focus areas are engaging with clients, building and maintaining customer relationships and liaising with existing customers to ensure projects run smoothly. Michelle manages all production, testing and instrument assembly at Dosec and with Dosec’s trusted partners. She is responsible stock procurement and management and works closely with manufacturers and clients to meet tight deadlines. Michelle prepares engineering reports, manuals and testing documentation, as well as overseeing procedures and documentation creation to ensure Dosec’s high quality standards are upheld in all operations.