Bring any RF-enabled sensor to the web with our complete Internet of Things platform.

Dosec Design’s EnviroNode Telemetry Hub is a universal telemetry gateway that can be optioned to communicate via Satellite, Penta-Band GSM, Wi-Fi, 2.4GHz proprietary wireless networking, Bluetooth, RS485, RS232, Ethernet, USB and SD-12. The EnviroNode Hub discovers, connects, concentrates and logs data from instrumentation in CSV format onto  its SD memory card, and forwards it to the cloud.

Intelligent, Modular Design

Customise your EnviroNode Hub to do almost anything, based on a combination of up to 4 mini-modules.

  • GSM – Data to the cloud and remote system management
  • CatM1 – Category M1 data to the cloud, remote system control and management
  • WiFi /Bluetooth – Communications with local wireless networks and mobile devices
  • 2.4GHz Wireless – Proprietary networked communication with range up to 5km
  • Iridium Satellite – Short Burst Data satellite communication for data to the cloud and remote system management
  • RS485 – Interface to sensors, PLCs, industrial controllers and computers
  • SDI-12 – Interface to wide range of sensors
  • Ethernet – Interface to computers and the cloud
  • 24 bit Analogue Input – Auto ranging interface to standard voltage type analogue sensors with precision to nano volt level.
  • 16 bit Analogue Output – Interface to PLCs and control systems
  • Audio – Analogue to I2S digital audio recording, signal processing, playback and sub-audio signalling control
  • LCD Touchscreen Interface – User interface to display data and control EnviroNode Hub applications

Rugged Hardware

The EnviroNode hub features an IP67 rated, extruded aluminium – hard anodised enclosure with moulded UV, moisture and impact resistant end caps. The Hub is ready to be deployed into a wide range of environments and can be mounted onto a high quality purpose-designed mast and frame, or onto a flat surface.

Smart Power Management

The EnviroNode Hub is  lithium-Ion battery powered and has an inbuilt solar charging controller. It can also be connected to an external 24V DC power supply. The Hub is designed to conserve power when not active and manage activity based on the battery charge level including managing power it supplies to externally connected devices.

EnviroNode Hub At a Glance

Communications, control and instrumentation solutions are packaged into a professional looking, weatherproof unit. The Hub’s main CPU features a powerful 32 bit, three stage, pipelined ARM Cortex M3 processor,  capable of bringing your modern IoT applications to life.

Purpose Designed Mounting System

The EnviroNode Hub can be mounted on a purpose designed quality mounting frame – 100% designed and manufactured in Australia. The frame has multiple swivelling panels, allowing simple access to cabling, solar panel, and the service hatch of the Hub (e.g. for on-site Hub maintenance). Cabling is kept neat via the cabling ports on the frame and when mounted, the Hub is shielded from direct sunlight by the frame and solar panel.

The rugged mounting system includes a powder-coated aluminium frame and mast base, and comes with 24m of rope with grade 316 stainless rope accessories and fasteners. The mounting kit includes a 4.2m aluminium mast, 50mm diameter rugged mast clamps, and integrated bird proofing system.

EnviroNode Hub Applications

The EnviroNode Hub is suitable for a wide range of applications such as:

Broad Acre Farm Telemetry Network – A network of EnviroNode telemetry hubs, linked and synchronised via proprietary 2.4GHz radio, with one of the hubs providing data to the cloud via its GSM modem.

Solar Farm Monitoring – Rapid monitoring of environmental parameters and interfacing to building energy management systems for the purpose of analysing solar farm performance.

Hub Communications and Data Management – The EnviroNode Hub is a data collection store and forward device. It is capable of obtaining files from instrumentation or other EnviroNode Hubs. By using appropriate sensing modules, data can be locally generated from attached sensors.

Water Supply Management –  Managing water resources in remote locations. The EnviroNode Hub can control pumps and valves based on sensor inputs, as well as monitor water levels remotely.

Cattle Monitoring – Cattle fitted with wireless tracking equipment can be detected and monitored, with collected data being forwarded to the cloud via GSM or Satellite EnviroNode Hubs.

Greenhouse Monitoring and Climate Control System Interfacing – An EnviroNode Hub can collect data from instruments measuring vital greenhouse parameters. The Hub can interpret data and provide direct input into climate control systems. Data can also be sent to the cloud by the Hub for remote monitoring and analysis.

High-Precision Beehive Monitoring – A beehive can be mounted on a weighing platform with a load cell directly interfaced to a precision analogue input mini-module inside the Hub. This analogue module can resolve weight to within 1g, with a beehive weighing as much as 80kg when full. The climate inside and outside the beehive can be monitored by sensors connected to the Hub and all data can be forwarded to the cloud for remote monitoring and analysis.

Particle Monitoring/Air Quality – Detecting and measuring particles present in the range of 0 μg/m3 to 1,000 μg/m3 in both the <2.5 μm diameter and <10 μm diameter ranges.

*Read about EnviroNode’s powerful particulate monitoring system here : EnviroNode-PM Specifications Sheet or Contact us to discuss any of the above applications further.

EnviroNode GSM and Satellite Hubs

EnviroNode GSM and Satellite Hubs have been deployed throughout Australia and internationally in a wide range of applications. Contact us and discuss customising an EnviroNode Hub to bring your technology to the Internet of Things.

View more information about Dosec’s sophisticated telemetry platform here.