IoT Communications Hub launched at UNE

Recently, Ric travelled to the University of New England’s Smart Farm site to install a beehive monitoring system designed in-house by the engineers at Dosec. This design features Dosec’s latest technology – the IoT Communications Hub. UNE will be using the beehive monitoring system to gain insight into the relationship between the environmental conditions within and outside the beehive to the behavioural  patterns and productivity of the bees.

At the core of this latest design lies the feature filled IoT Communications Hub fitted with Dosec Design’s high precision 24 bit analogue data acquisition module. This powerful module is capable of converting analogue weigh-scale load cell data into precise quantitative data accurate to 0.5g in 60kg. To compare the outside environment to that inside the beehive, two SDI-12 sensors provide the Hub with humidity, barometric pressure, temperature and vapour pressure data. The Communications Hub then delivers this data to the UNE cloud server via the Dosec designed EnviroNode smart farm telemetry network.

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