Manufacturing Services

Dosec has well established relationships with a range of manufacturers in Australia and overseas and proven track record of production management. We regularly source and manage the following production services; for our own products and on behalf of our clients:

  • Printed circuit board fabrication and assembly, including ultrafine tracks and multilayer boards.
  • Product testing and inspection,
  • Electronic component sourcing,
  • Injection moulding of plastic components,
  • Aluminium extrusions,
  • Anodising and hard anodising,
  • Powder coating,
  • 3D printing of metal and plastic components,
  • NC machining and turning,
  • Metal sand and investment castings,
  • Vacuum forming and casting of plastics,
  • Sheet metalwork,

Production Management Database

Using our custom-designed production database software, we are able to track the life cycle of any product manufactured, from the start of manufacture through to delivery to a customer and any service that may be provided throughout the life of the product. Access to the database is provided to both clients and manufacturers facilitating easy record keeping and correspondence between our manufacturers, our clients and ourselves. The use of built-in testing, inspection and shipment tracking functionality ensures that details are always up-to-date and progress can be viewed at a glance. Individual usernames provide accountability and allow for procedural errors to be tracked and resolved.