EnviroNode Reaches New Heights

Dosec Design has recently installed our EnviroNode IoT Communications System at a commercial orchard in regional NSW.  This system will be collecting weather station, environmental, plant behaviour and water status data from over 20 wireless instruments, located throughout the orchard. The EnviroNode Hub concentrates and pushes all collected data to the cloud over the GSM network.

EnviroNode IoT Hubs serve a number of a commercial and research organisations. They are modular by design and factory customised to suit each organisation’s particular needs. At this installation, the Hub was fitted with Dosec’s proprietary 2.4GHz radio module, our 3G GSM module and an SDI-12 module, providing an interface to the weather station mounted alongside the Hub.

Installation of the EnviroNode system aims to optimise use of the orchard’s resources to maximise it’s yield. This type of technology allows growers to make informed decisions based on insights gained from monitoring their orchard’s biological response to environmental events.

Learn more about how the EnviroNode IoT system can help your organisation get the data it needs.

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