METS 2000 Motorist Emergency Telephone System Refurbishment

The team at Dosec have completed Sydney Harbour Tunnel’s METS 2000 Emergency Telephone System upgrade.  Our new cutting-edge design uses a 32-bit ARM Cortex-M3 embedded processor to deliver a range of powerful new features to the system.

We’ve  incorporated digital voice recording, digital voice messaging, digital audio announcements as well as recording and playback of up to 8 simultaneous audio files from SD card. Our slick, sophisticated LCD touchscreen interface offers one touch call handling and displays the system snapshot on a 5-inch colour screen, making answering station operation simple and hassle free.

Dosec installed the complete emergency telephone system into the Harbour Tunnel in 2004. After 11 years of successful operation, the time came to incorporate some of the latest technology to enhance the capabilities of the METS 2000 Emergency Telephone System.

What’s new?

  • Previous PC based technology is now replaced with robust ARM Cortex-M3 embedded controllers
  • System linkage to third party traffic control and camera systems (CCTV)
  • Real time digital audio recording and playback from SD card
  • Slim and elegant touchscreen LCD display
  • Hot swapping, redundant system design that eliminates critical system downtime
  • Digital audio routers at the central exchange incorporating state of the art ARM technology
  • System and call logging to SD card for management use
  • I²S external audio module for digital audio routing and analogue signal processing

Samir and Joe carried out tests before finalising the installation that brings the Sydney Harbour Tunnel’s emergency telephone system up to date with today’s latest technology.



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