Central Equipment

The METS system is managed by central equipment comprising of:

  • Matrix Conroller Computers: maintain a database of activity, control calls and run automatic system testing.
  • Digital Audio Switch Matrix (DASM): performs switching of calls between telephones and  answering stations.
  • Communications Control Boards: slot into the DASM to interface to answering stations or emergency phone lines.
  • Telephone Line Surge Protection Cards
  • Dedicated Power Supplies for Audio Matrix, Matrix Controller and Telephone lines
  • Transient Protection and Power Distribution Unit
Dual, embedded controllers running the METS 200 Matrix Controller Firmware


Digital Audio Switch Matrix

Operator Answering Stations

Sophisticated yet simple 5 inch LCD touchscreen interface. All functions are performed via the touchscreen.

Emergency Telephones

The emergency telephones provide motorists with a means of calling the operator in the control centre. Calls are initiated by lifting the handset on the phone. When the call is answered by the operator, it is only necessary for the caller to speak and listen.



Emergency Phones are available in several options:

  • Long pillar
  • Short pillar
  • Niche mount with handset
  • Niche mount – hands free

For more details, please see the details page.