MichellePHOTOBusiness Development & Engineering Manager

Qualification: BE(Hons), DipEngPrac
Professional Membership Member of Institution of Engineers, Australia, Leadership & Management College and Electrical, Information, Telecommunications & Electronics Engineering College. Member of the Association of Professional Engineers, Australia.
Experience: Business development, client relations, project and product development management. Training, production management and procurement.
Michelle deals with organising and managing production, testing and instrument assembly. She is responsible for part sourcing and stock management and works closely with manufacturers and clients to meet demands and ensure smooth operations within tight deadlines. Michelle oversees procedures and documentation to ensure our high quality standards are upheld in all products produced. Michelle builds and maintains relationships with clients and suppliers.

Contact Michelle

Location 4 Malvern Ave, Croydon NSW 2132 Australia
Postal PO Box 211, Croydon NSW 2132 Australia
Phone +61 2 9744 5766
+61 2 9744 5788
Email michelle@dosec.com.au

Contact Michelle to enquire about Turnkey Engineering Projects, Product Development and Consultation at Dosec Design.

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