Dosec has considerable experience and expertise in the design and implementation of wireless technology. Areas of expertise include:

  • 916MHz and 2.4GHz mesh networking utilising lower power wireless transceivers.
  • GSM (mobile phone modem) data and voice communication utilising 2G, 3G and 4G networks.
  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth

Dosec’s 2.4GHz wireless mesh networking technology is a fully in house, custom designed, product that can be embedded in a wide range of products and applications. Dosec has developed sophisticated mesh networking protocols that facilitate highly secure data transfer in a range of situations.

With extremely low power consumption and a range of up to 5 kilometres, (using high gain antennas), it is an ideal solution for equipment control and remote sensing; without the need for other infrastructure such as Wi-Fi access points. When used with our EnvironodeTM telemetry platform, equipment can be monitored and controlled remotely over the internet.

Other products utilising this technology include:

  •  Environmental instrumentation.
  • Dementia patient monitoring system.
  • UnicareTM hospital nursecall system.


EnviroNode Telemetry Hub
EnviroNode Telemetry Hub
2.4 GHz Wireless Module
2.4 GHz Wireless Module