Dosec has provided consulting design services to Zip Industries in relation to their Instant Boiling and Chilled Water line of products.

Hydrotap interface unit

Development of a Hydrotap product tap control interface to allow older style heaters and chillers to be fitted with newer model tap units. This project included development of production testing unit.

Hydrotap interface boardHydrotap interface test unit

Universal Instant Boiling Water Unit Controller

In order to replace the ageing instant boiling water controller in its line of products, ZIP contracted Dosec to build a new controller which would be versatile enough to be used in all of their instant boiling water products. Dosec developed the hardware and firmware for a boiling water controller board which monitors water level, switches solenoid valves and precisely and smoothly controls water temperature at 2 degrees C below boiling temperature via a 2400W heating element.

Instant Boiling Water Controller

The controller had the ability to be programmed and controlled via a serial link as well as by using on board dip switches. The use of the serial link was for testing purposes as well as interfacing to other peripherals such as user interfaces, allowing customers to set schedules for active and low power modes as well as the maximum water temperature.

To perform production testing, a sophisticated test unit was designed and produced, allowing bed-of-nails testing of individual controller boards.

Zip Production Testing Unit