Development of all of the electronic hardware and firmware of the Zeta Probe. This device stimulates a colloidal solution with a high voltage, high frequency pulse, and a resulting high frequency sound pulse is received and processed. Concurrently, solution conductivity, temperature and pH are measured and the solution is stirred at a controlled speed.

All functions are controlled via a Graphical LCD user interface, and the instrument also interfaces to and can be controlled from a PC.


  • Atmel 89C55 microcontroller hardware and firmware for control, communications and user interface
  • TMS320F243 digital signal processor hardware and firmware for generating and receiving high frequency sinusoidal pulses and for analysing and controlling pH, conductivity and temperature measurements. Also for motor speed control.
  • 30MSPS DAC, ADC and FIFO design for generation and capturing of pulses.
  • Auto-ranging instrumentation design.
  • High speed, extremely low noise signal switching.
  • High gain, ultra low noise, analogue signal processing.
Zeta Probe