Dosec “Unicare” has been developed to meet the total requirements of a Nurse Call System for use in a modern hospital. Previously it may have been necessary to install several variations of systems to provide the exact needs of each ward; with its own requirements from a simple Call System to one including facilities such as Voice Announcements and Nurse Attendance.

The Dosec “Unicare” system utilizes Touch Screen controller technology that allows users to create a Nurse Station that can customize the exact operating features needed in a hospital and in a particular ward. Different screen formats allow information to be displayed in a manner which is easiest to see and use. Typically, these maybe be listings showing Call Waiting, Calls Attended to, Nurse Located and Special Calls.

Alternatively, an optional geographical mimic display of the individual floor plan may be created with calls being shown in their actual locations. A Call Waiting column is also provided to show calls in their order of priority.

Access to additional functions is via a “Feature Button” created on the touch screen for the unique operating features wanted in that ward. This will tailor the most convenient operational functions to suit the needs of your hospital.

Voice communication to beds and nurses rooms is included and this can be hands free or with a handset. Patients need only press the call button and a single touch of the screen icon will allow for nurses to accept calls and establish voice communication. In cases where patients are under duress or excitable, making control of the conversation difficult, a press to talk facility at the Nurse Station allows the nurse to control the flow of conversation.

Touch Screens provide a simple method of selection of the action wanted at that time. The information displayed is highly visible as the character size is optimized to the size of the display.

There never seems to be enough room on the Nurse Station desk and equipment is often moved during the day. The unique mountings of the Dosec “Unicare” Touch Screen Stations allow for your choice of moveable, fixed to the desk or wall mounting. The latter may allow mounting of the unit on the wall or under the Counter top, allowing the desktop to be completely free of equipment.

When designing a new ward arrangement, no matter how careful the design, changing operational requirements in the hospital necessitates a change in Nurse Call arrangements. Unicare is an extremely flexible system that allows a complete change of operations to be reflected in the Nurse Call System by simply reprogramming the Nurse Station.

Modern technology provides us with ability to create systems that are both user friendly and reliable and this is reflected in the components chosen for Unicare. However there is always the remote possibility of failure of some component making the system unusable. Unicare uses a unique distributed form of intelligence so that should the main controller or Nurse Station fail, calls may still be made from beds. Over door lights will still function and alert tones sounded. This virtually provides an in-built back-up call system providing basic facilities so patients may still be attended to.

Nursecall Options

Pocket Paging

  • High level interface to Dosec AstraPage in-house paging System.
  • Patient calls will automatically page nurses with alpha-numeric messages.
  • Nurses can be paged from Nurse Station.
    Allows grouping of pagers for emergency calls.

Intercom System

  • Direct audio interface to Intercom Systems.
  • Allows calls to or from the Intercom Systems.


  • Allows audio communications between Nurse Stations.
  • Allows incoming calls to be directed to other Nurse Stations.

Build Management Systems

  • Allows System fault information to be passed to BMS.

History Recording

  • Central monitoring computer.
  • System calls to be logged by date and time.
  • Allows historical data reports to be prepared.

Auto Voice Announcements

  • Pre-record up to 3 minutes of announcements in any language.
  • Program auto announcement times.

Nursecall System Components

  • Compact, stylish slimline console for desk or wall mounting.
  • Flat screen LCD with simple Touchscreen operation.
  • Handsfree audio to Patient and Staff Stations.
  • Audio PTT over-ride for noisy environments.
  • Simple nurse and patient volume controls on touchscreen.
  • Call All stations or Call to Nurses.
  • Call text descriptions and queuing based on priority.
  • Custom text description.
  • 24V DC System operation allows easy battery backup.
  • Call, Nurse Assist, Remote Answer and Cancel pushbuttons.
  • Call and Nurse Assist confirmation LEDs.
  • Patient push-cord handset with confirmation LED.
  • Pushcord removal monitoring.
  • Handsfree audio operation.
  • Remote answer of patient calls when nurse in attendance.
  • Equipment alarm voltage free contact input.
  • Equipment alarm plug removal monitoring.
  • Separate Qualified and Trainee attendance switches.
  • LED indicators.
  • Elbow operable switches.
  • Enables Nurse Assist and Remote Answer functions.
  • Four separate colours for different call types.
  • LEDs for low power, reliable operation.
  • Optional audible indication.
  • Pull Cord with detachable section when pulled too hard.
  • Cancel pushbutton.
  • Confirmation LED.
  • Call, On/Off, Remote Answer and Cancel pushbuttons.
  • Call, On/Off and Remote Answer confirmation LEDs.
  • 16 character LCD display show Patient and Nurse Assist calls.
  • Handsfree audio operation to Nurse Station.
  • Remote answer of patient calls when Nurse Station Un-attended.
  • 50mm characters for easy viewing in a corridor.
  • Double sided moving colour display.
  • 5 Colours for different call types.
  • Automatically updates Patient and Nurse Assist calls showing position in queue, calls type and room.